Statutory Holiday Entitlement (Employment Law)

Legal Minimum

Did you know that the Statutory Minimum Holiday entitlement will increase in April 2009 to 5.6 weeks per year or 28 days?

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the past I have only paid part-timers for bank holidays if they fall on a day they normally work, can I continue to do this?

This may be treating part time workers less favourably than full time employees. Part time staff have the same entitlement to leave as full time workers, so if full time workers are given paid leave for bank holidays part-time workers should also be granted leave on a pro rata basis.

Can I have a provision for employees that states that bank or public holidays will not be paid where there is sickness either before or afterwards unless a sickness certificate is provided?

Yes, however where the company annual holiday entitlement incorporates bank holidays and does not exceed the statutory minimum, employers should be mindful of an employees right to the current statutory minimum of 24 days per year.

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